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​Parts Washers
Environmentally Safe Automatic Parts Washers in a Size & Model to Meet Your Needs

​​Clean parts in minutes with hot water and biodegradable detergents.
Simply put your parts in the washer, close the door, set the timer, and work on something else. Come back to clean parts in minutes, it's that simple.





Safety - Hot water and biodegradable detergents are far safer to work with and environmentally safer to dispose of. No more solvents!
Portable Design - (Model 525) Approximately the size of a solvent tank and rolls on casters. Fully self contained.
Timed cycle allows user to perform other tasks while parts are washed.




Dirt, oil and grease, naturally separate from water and the wash solution remains cleaner and does not redeposit on the parts.
The turntable turns the parts to ensure a complete exposure to wash solution, therefore a cleaner part.
A separate, pump fed, hand brush is provided for larger parts and special detailing (Model 525)



  • H.D. turntable motor on front loads
  • Labyrinth door seal
  • Swing out turntable on door for easy loading on front loads and easy lift lid on top loads
  • Large nozzle orifices to avoid clogging
  • Large easy to clean chip screen
  • H.D. construction throughout
  • Incoloy heating elements
  • Simple, easy to use, maintain, and service
  • Insulated cabinets on the 678 and larger for increased efficency
  • Custom designed machines available to fit virtually any situation. Consult your Dealer for details.
7 Day Heat Timer                7 Day Skimmer Timer
Oil Skimmer                         Rinse w/Diverter
Casters                                  Parts Baskets
Head Rack                            Transmission Rack
Auto Fill                                 Low Water Shut-Off
Thermometer                      Stainless Nozzles
Dual Turntable                    Isulation
230 1ph Power                    Special Voltage
Optional Pump                    Oil Heat 
Bag House Filter                  Gas Heat
Steam Heat                          Evaporation Cycle (Elec. Only)

Note: Some of these accessories come as standard features with some models and not all are available for each machine. Please consult your Distributor for details.
Here is a simple formula for determining the pay back periord using an automated Mirage Jet Wash to clean parts vs. hand washing using a solvent tank. 

A) Manual Cleaning with a solvent tank -
(Number of men) x (total hrs/day cleaning manually)  x (the labour cost $)
x (average working days/month) = $A

B) Productivity gained using a parts washer -
(Number of men)  x (total hrs/day)  x (flat/labour rate $) x (average working days/month = $B

C) Average cost of all solvent tanks/month
(rental Amount or Solvent Cost) = $C

D) The cost of the Mirage Parts Washer of your choice: $
Payback Period: (D) divided by (A) + (B) + (C) =Time in Months